Many people are confused about the healthcare reform. The bill is large and complex and thus many average American’s do not understand what it all means. Basically, the ‘healthcare reform would expand insurance coverage in America by requiring people to obtain it.’

To put this is plain English; the bill would require all US citizens to have insurance. While they will only require a minimal coverage, they still must have coverage for themselves and their dependents. There are many ways to purchase insurance, including employers, or through companies who sell policies.

The people who do not obtain insurance will have a penalty. However, the consequences will not begin until the year 2014, but those who defy this bill will experience the wrath of the US government. The fines for not having insurance will begin as minor in the year 2014 and by 2016 the fines will be significant.

The part that really gets tricky is the costs. A person who does not have insurance will have to pay per person or 2.5 percent of the income of the home. There will be no exceptions, save those who have religious convictions and do not use the public health system. Other groups that will be unaffected by this bill, are those who are in prison or illegal immigrants. Those who do not have insurance would have to pay $695 a month for each household member who does not have insurance. The maximum out of pocket that a family could be required to pay is $2085.

While some of the bill sounds unfair, there are parts that are great for American people. The fact that those with pre-existing conditions and those who would usually be denied insurance, will now easily be able to purchase the health insurance is needed. The government expects this to help increase the insurance market as those who think they do not need insurance or healthcare in general, will now be forced to have coverage.

The people that will be mostly affected by this bill are the middle class. The affluent people will be able to afford coverage as usual. The poor people will still continue to receive help from Uncle Sam. It is the middle class, working folks who will feel the greatest financial pain from this new healthcare reform.


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