If someone has had a major medical procedure or are recovering from a traumatic accident, they may need extensive rehabilitation services. These services allow people to regain the ability to function normally, and return to their day to day lives. Many times after an accident people have to relearn to walk or to care for themselves. This can be due to permanent injury changing the way that people have to take care of themselves or due to rebuilding muscles that have been damaged but are still healing.

When someone undergoes comprehensive rehabilitation, it may take several months for them to return to their normal lives depending on the severity of the trauma. Since this rehabilitation is often hard work for people who are still recovering, these sessions may be only one hour a day and sometimes not even every day. Usually these sessions start out being short and as the patient recovers their strength, and then become longer and several times a week, or even every day.

These rehabilitation sessions will also address several different concerns. Someone recovering from a car accident may need to build up their stamina and also learn to walk again. These issues are usually done in individual sessions, working on one issue at a time. People who have suffered from strokes will or more extensive issues may be in rehabilitation for several months learning to move and talk again with their changed physical abilities.

These sessions often take place in a hospital but can also be done at special medical centers or even the patients home. Usually these sessions start out being done at hospitals or medical centers because many times initial rehabilitation requires special medical equipment, especially for someone learning to walk or move themselves in and out of a wheelchair. Once the patient has improved to the point of being able to be alone these sessions can take place in their home.

imagecredit: © Sandor Kacso – Fotolia.com